A Day in Anarchy

This is a fictional story, showing what a day at the anarchy.moe place could be like.


It is a new day and I’m one of the few people to get up this early. After taking a morning shower, I immediately hop behind my favorite, internet-capable electronic device and start chatting with some of our overseas friends, which will be going to sleep soon.

I decided to wear something slightly more cute and formal than usual, as today is a very exciting, special day, hopefully starting the week off, great. Why? Well, our small community of 6 people living together in the same space will be expanded by a number of 2 people at once!


I helped preparing breakfast, a little bit more early than usual, to make sure everything looks good for our new arrivals. More and more faces show up, some tired, some visibily sharing their excitement with me. A few have decided to stay in bed until after noon, as they stayed up like usual.

Our new members arrive in time, along with someone who helped them find the way from the train station to our secluded building. Three of us welcome them at the entrance and offer to take their luggage to their room. Before even showing them around the place at all, we sit down to have a nice, hearty breakfast. We sit there for over an hour, warming up together and sharing some recent stories and such, as well as answer some questions that have popped up in our new arrivals’ heads.


Time to show the new peeple around the place! We start with the ground floor: The kitchen and storeroom for food and various other items, a little public room which acts sort of as a shop but not really and the garage with a couple of bikes we use to get around town.

On the next floor we show them their rooms, which we’ve cleaned up the previous week, as they were used as asorted storage before. We actually found a nice used rack the other day, which we used in another room to sort our junk neatly, which by the way includes a ton of old electronic gadgets, ready to be repaired or taken apart.

Next up is the server room, where the aforementioned items are now stored, and we can already see someone hard at work trying to get an old laptop working again.

Finally we have everyone else’s rooms, decorated and filled with all kinda of stuff: Games, mangas, anime figurines, work / battle stations, drawing / sewing / soldering equipment, and so much more.


After our new housemates have hidden themselves in their rooms, unpacking and getting comfortable, it’s time to buy some fresh food and get ready for lunch. So I head out together with someone else, bringing out bikes with trailers along to carry the stuff back home.

Meanwhile, we apparently had someone over who was interested in our help regarding setting up their own dedicated server. We of course welcome anyone who seeks our advice or services, and we often do it for free. In return, we sometimes get a donation, be it money or used devices, and of course advertisement by word of mouth. Two younger guests also come by to use our open wifi and discuss a project with one of us.

Back home, we get together to cook a meal for us, the new guys and ask the guests if they want some too, to which they reply yes. After 20 minutes of me and someone else working on lunch, we finish and have a good meal with everyone present, almost running out of space at our large dinner table.


After lunch, we sit together to discuss what we will do this week, both as individuals and as a group. We decide to keep the week relatively tame for our new arrivals, as we’ve noticed it can be pretty overwhelming otherwise. The meeting is over quickly after just 30 minutes.

Since I haven’t been able to spend much time relaxing today, I get on my computer and play a game. It’s not long before I get bored and instead decide to work on one of my many unfinished projects.


I check on the newbies to make sure they feel okay, and it appears one of them has already been able to find someone or something to spend their evening on, enjoying their first day. The other, I decided to help with setting up, getting some unused furniture into their room. We chat until it’s time for dinner.


Dinner time! It’s pancakes, either sweet or with cheese, however one prefers them. We have a grandiose time, sharing some additional funny stories and discussing recent things on our mind. Some have brought their laptops / pocket computers, allowing them to continue doing what they were doing before without missing out on food or company.

Until late in the night, we continue chatting, sharing our ideas and dreams with each other and talking about projects and plans, feeling invigorated to start on them the next day or even through the night.


I head to my room, exhausted but excited for what’s to come tomorrow. It’s still possible to hear some of our late risers talking away, but it doesn’t matter too much to me. I try to collect my thoughts and write down a quick entry in my digital diary of how fantastic today was, being able to add two more individuals to our little living space. Once I’m finished, I get ready for bed and it doesn’t take long for me to fall asleep.